I hate March Madness!!!

I understand sports on TV being interesting for some, but why not keep it on ESPN's channels and maybe ONE local, instead of taking over the entire lineup as if basketball was mandatory viewing?!

I hate it when sports take over my TV! i don't watch TV for sports, i watch it for entertainment; if i want to see a sporting event, i get off my butt and buy a ticket and go there myself!

**Prays for March to end soon**

OH and it takes over the radio, too, so i cannot even escape with music!
haha that's funny. I'm a football fanatic, but I hate College basketball. I really don't get it either, and I think the whole gambling (buying squares and betting on winner/loser) part of it is what gets a lot of people sucked into it. There are quite a few people here at work playing in pick em tournaments for $$$.
March Madness....aptly named. it makes me mad.

You think buying brackets is stupid, wait here in Kentucky during Derby day when people bet all their life savings on horses who only run one lousy lap. tons pay $$$ to attend the event which only lasts a good couple minutes. sometimes i feel like i'm the last one left with sense. remember the SEGA game, Lemmings? that's what i see. tons of 'lemmings' following two-by-two towards the cliff.


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All of the teams that I wanted to go through, maybe not to the finals, but further than they did, dropped out early. I wasn't surprised though, that always happens with all the teams that I want to go far.
Well it happened again! usually it only ruins the first part of the evening, like the news, and infiltrates a hour or two of my Public Access watching, (no Nova during March Madness i'm afraid) but this time it went too far. from 6PM to 11PM, it went full-basketball on me, ruined my daily fix of Two and a Half Men, Frasier, and Everybody Loves Raymond. and if it weren't bad enough, when it was all well and done, here's the infomercials!

Doesn't the networks realize that there's people who don't turn on the telly to watch sports?! it must be 'need to know' information as it even pre-empted the news!

What's the point of ESPN, among others like Speed Channel (during NASCAR season) or the Sports Channel if it comes on every channel anyways?

Heck at least during the Deer Hunt Season it doesn't ruin my TV viewing with deer kills, now that would be too far! at least that stays on the Outdoor Channel. (which i'm so glad i don't pick up)
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Again it did it Friday night. as if everyone on the planet MUST watch basketball.

What is this? the movie 1984?!

The only exception to the issue is i was able to get my VHF going and watch FOX which at least had The King of Queens and Scrubs. that made it better, although normally i get very marginal VHF reception. thank you, 1960s Sears!