I have 2 new tvs and one will not get a certain channel


We have 2 new tv's and the one in the bedroom on rabbit ears will pick up fox and the flat panel in the front room with the same ears will not pick it up
it is a higher priced tv you would think it would if I put the outside ant. on it it still wont pick up fox that tv is a olivia hdtv and the other is a emerson sdtv

Jason Fritz

Staff member
I had this same exact problem with my Mitsubishi LCD! Our Sony TV in the bedroom uses an Apex converter box and bunny ears, and receives every digital channel available. The Mitsubishi w/ built-in digital tuner and the same exact bunny ears received 50-75% of stations available. I'm not sure if the tuner in the Mitsu is that much weaker than the Apex converter, or if signals can vary by that much within 10' to 20'.

I had to upgrade to a flat type antenna (which I gave a review on here: http://www.dtvusaforum.com/dtv-reception/703-member-dtv-hd-antenna-reviews.html), which works great now, but I probably could have gotten away with a powered bunny ear antenna type setup.