I hear beeps and hissing now !

I hooked my new DTV converter box up and now i hear whirrling and hissing and some small beeps. The volume doens't work on the converter box and when i turn it up on my tv i can hear it. Whats the problem ?

Jason Fritz

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Sounds like you may have a faulty converter box, but lets troubleshoot just to make sure.

What manufacture and model number is your converter box?

How long had the DTV box been connected before this happened?

Is there a mute button on the converter box remote, and if so, press that button a couple of times (and let us know if anything is displayed on your TV screen).

Are you still receiving DTV signals with a picture? Just no sound?
More info provided

Its an ACCESS HD model number 1080... when i mute it... the sound from the tv station is muted but not the hissing. I know its not my tv because other devices play on it just fine. Image is fine , signal is good. Converter box has been hooked up for a couple of days.. Did it sense i hooked it up.
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