I just watched a good movie, THE MOUNTAIN with Spencer Tracy.


I just watched THE MOUNTAIN with Spencer Tracy a classic 1956 movie in color. Its been 30+ years or more I had forgotten how good that movie is. The old classics are good. I watched it on Netflix it is only $10 a month I can watch as many movies as I want in a month. I can also make DVDs and make my own library to watch later. Netflix online is really cool. I watched Duma the other night its one of the few new movies that is good. I wish I had a home theater system. My wife watches about 5 movies every day and my Son stays up all night watching TV, movies and DVDs. My limit is about 1 movie a day during bad weather only and I have to be in the mood to watch TV other wise I will be working on a project in the work shop or garden.

6 of my OTA TV channels have sports, I hate sports, I wish that crap was Illegal. Only 25% of the population watches sports and that crap dominates TV.
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Jason Fritz

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The wife and I have gotten into "classic" movies lately, we'll have to give The Mountain a try.

We did a little holiday viewing on Netflix this afternoon with "Home Alone 2". Been a Netflix online subscriber for 2 weeks now but wish there were more titles available. About 50 percent of our choices have been in the documentaries category.


Most of the Spencer Tracy movies I have watched were produced by Metro Goldwin Mayer (MGM) and since I never saw that film The Mountain, I presume it was made by another movie studio.


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Home Alone 2 is NOT classic, Jay. LOL The Mountain is incredibly awesome. Along with Tracy, it stars Robert Wagner. The two are brothers. This movie is terrific. I've loved it for my entire life. Hmmm. Wonder if it's out on DVD? I don't recall seeing it, but it should be. I used to watch it all the time as it was one of those OTA movies that was on constantly in the pre-cable days.


I searched long and hard for this movie to watch online but I only ended up with paid sites. There are a couple and Netflix is one of them. There were several torrent links but I don't think they're free also.


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Torrent links are free to many sites but that is sort of circumventing life, depending on how you look at it and who is watching. I don't know if The Mountain is public domain; I would doubt it.
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