I lost MeTV and then got it back!


MeTV viewers, on Friday February 28th, 2014 our contract with MeTV ended. MeTV has decided to move the affiliation to two new television stations in Philadelphia and New York that will air the programming as their primary broadcast. WFMZ-TV has been proud to present MeTV to our region for the past three years. We are in the process of replacing MeTV with another network. Until that time, the AccuWeather Channel will be simulcast on 69.2 and 69.3. You can continue to watch our 69.4 The Retro TV Network and 69.1 WFMZ-TV for News and current syndicated programming. Thank you for watching!

My beloved WFMZ lost the contract with MeTV. But it popped up on a new channel via Fios. The DSL Reports form had this to say...

"According to Philadelphia Inquirer Newspaper, KJWP, Ch 2 OTA, Wilmington, DE, is now broadcasting Me-TV in Phila. area on OTA subchannel 2.1 (Comcast Philly started broadcasting Me-TV on Comcast channel 2 today. Comcast had to relocate the home-shopping network from Channel 2 to accommodate KJWP.) KJWP is designated as "must-carry station." It was stated in the paper that FiOS will start broadcasting Me-TV in "mid-March." Lets see how long it takes us to get Me-TV back on FiOS and the guide updated."

I am happy to say it IS on Fios where I live in PA.

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