I must start a Combat! Thread


So. I was born in 1962. Combat! came out the same year. Sometime during the next couple of years I started to watch it. I was fascinated as a child. My mom and grandparents thought the show gave me nightmares but I don't think so. Who knows. I also watched Lost In SPace but because there were kids in it...it was safe. Haha.

Looking at the series again you can see some really cool shooting (film). Very lifelike images. AhHA! Wikipedia confirms...

"Wesley Britton wrote, "The producers and directors of the series (including Robert Altman, whose work on the show included 10 defining episodes) went the extra mile for establishing credibility and realism. Then and now, viewers see motion picture quality photography as in the long shots very unlike most network television of the period. They had military advisors on hand to look over scripts and maps. The cast couldn't shave during the five day shoots to help the 'beard continuity.' Except for occasional dialogue, for the most part when the 'Krauts' or 'Gerrys' spoke, they did so in German. Actor Robert Winston Mercy, who wrote one script and played a number of German officers, told me the uniforms were so precisely recreated with correct pipings and insignias that he would cause a stir among Jewish cafeteria workers when he strode in wearing his costume during lunch breaks."
I remember watching re-runs of Combat growing up...haven't seen it in forever though!
The IMB link for the series:
Combat! (TV Series 1962

Season 1, Episode one has been up on YouTube now for a few years. I don't know if Netflix or Hulu have the series though: