I need a list of Digital TVs that will work on an Antenna.


Some TV manufactures assume everyone is on cable and have a strong signal so to save money the TV has no preamp and reception is terrable with an antenna. I need a list of manufactures that are making TVs that get excellent reception with an antenna???


pre-amps are made for antennas not TVs. No TVs I know of list the specs of their ATSC tuners. Anyoen here telling you susch and such TV has agood tuenr woul apply to their own particular situations and really wouldn't apply to yours.

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My guess is any currently built name-brand television would have an adequate tuner for OTA reception. Otherwise, there would be postings here on the Forum and all over the Internet panning certain brands and models. I can tell you I am very satisfied with my Sony Bravia.

The real issue is chosing the right antenna or antennas, parking them at the right heights, getting them aimed properly and using quality RG-6 coax. If the received signals are going to be shared by more than one tv, that's when pre-amps may become necessary, a distributing amplifier or more. Compared to endless cable bills, an OTA system pays for itself very quickly.

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The "list" that you're asking for, would be SO long it would take up a whole Topic by it's self !
Just about any TV (now a days) will give you a good to excellent picture, IF things are right.

Those things being....
You must have the correct antenna, for your location.
Good connecting (simple is better) components,
You have set your system up for best reception.


That you know what is available at your location, and DON'T expect more than is available.
Do your homework, and find out exactly what you can get.
Unfortunately for some, that may not be much.

Have a good Day ! :)


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A I have stated before, it's difficult to choose a TV for OTA because so few stores are set up for OTA reception. I have discovered though that tuners on newer sets are all pretty good, even cheap TV sets can tune in about the same.

The things I'd be looking for are:

Easy access to signal meter (without drilling down into the menu 3 levels)

Ease of adding / deleting channels ( I have one TV - and a converter box - that don't have a "scan add" feature, I have to re-scan all channels, then delete the ones I don't want AGAIN to add a single channel)

Program guide: Again, this is hard to check in a store that is't hooked up for OTA. Some sets give you only "whats on now" and only when you tune to that channel, some have a list of whats on now, or "now / next", some have extended program info, and some even have a real program guide like you cable or satellite service. But trying to find out what tv has a good guide is nearly impossible.

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