I need help to find the CODE for CRAIG

Ana B

converter box's remote control model CVD506. I can not even find a website for "craig "Thanks
I need it to be able to use my vcr-dvd recorder:bolt:
Are you trying to use a universal remote with the box? or the box's remote for the VCR/DVD. you may need to find the brand of the VCR/DVD to use the box's remote, and if you're attempting to use a universal remote with the box and can't get it to work, you need to use cable/satellite codes and if there isn't a brand listed, try a code search.


cvd 508

hello folks ive misplaced my instructions that came with my cvd 508 can anyone please send me a copy of instruction i get maybe 2 channels i want to know how to setup my unit and program it to scan channels thanks very much in advance


I think the problem was misunderstood. The Craig Digital Converter box can not be programed and used by a Universal Remote. During the process of searching for a code the Craig Digital Converter box will respond but when the code is locked in, the buttons on the remote do no correspond with the converter. (E.g., if you press channel up on the remote, the box will respond as if you hit a number 8 on the remote) There is no way to get to the menu on the Craig Digital Converter box so that you can scan for available channels.
How do I know.. obviously because I am having the same problem.. Why would someone try to program a Craig Digital Converter remote? :huh: Come on guys. Seriously?


Ok, sorry to chime in LATE.. IT is now April of 2013, and this conversation seems to be from 2009.. But HERE'S what I've been able to accomplish. Maybe it'll help someone ELSE.. I found this page because I have a Craig digital converter box (model cvd506), but no remote for it.. It had ZERO channels programmed, so I needed to SCAN for channels. Without the remote, there's no way to do this (the unit only has a power button, and channel up & down buttons, but no "menu" button ON the unit itself -- you need the remote)... I ALSO have a universal remote by Philips (model CL035A).. So I was trying to find a code to get my Phillips Universal Remote to control my Craig Converter Box.. The problem IS, my universal remote was made BEFORE digital converter boxes EXISTED (during the old-standard of TV signals).. So I saw the post in this thread which was made by "disyfer" in 2010. Well, "disyfer" was right, pretty-much.. TRYING this method DOES make the light on the converter box blink sometimes, but the controls don't correspond with the "correct" buttons. In fact, there isn't even a "MODE" button on my remote for converter boxes (obviously, since converter boxes didn't EXIST back then), so I've been trying this under other modes, like "VCR." My remote even has a feature where you can search for codes MANUALLY (without knowing the 4-digit CODE), by pressing the up or down channel buttons (up to a hundred or so times), until you find a code which makes your device work.. After MUCH experimentation with this, I was able to get a REALLY REALLY screwed-up version of a remote to control my converter box with.. By screwed-up, I mean: Using the channel down button as a "MENU" button; Using the previous channel button as the "enter" button; Using the PIP button as the "UP" button; Using the number 4 as a "back" or "channel list" button.. I have TWO number 7's (and neither of them are ON the button number 7 -- instead, one is the Universal remote's STOP button, and the other number 7 is on the PAUSE button); Pressing the button 8 on my remote will trigger the number 9 on my converter box; Pressing 9 will activate closed-captioning. ETCETERA... ALL of the buttons are screwed up and weird. There are only a few actual NUMBERS I can access, and none of them are assigned to the correct number buttons of the remote.. But at LEAST I have established a "MENU" button (two of them, actually), and an "UP" button, and an "ENTER" button.. Those were the most important three: MENU, UP, and ENTER... Once I found the correct substitutes for THOSE three, I was finally able to get into the menu (of the converter box), and perform a scan, and get some channels.. Now all I have to do is use the channel up and down buttons ON the unit.. And also, my only problem NOW is that my antenna SUCKS, and I need a better one to get more channels.. But at least what I've accomplished gets me SOME channels, which is better than NO channels.. When I get my next paycheck, I'll have SEVERAL more options.. I can get a newer Universal Remote (one which was created AFTER digital converter boxes, and can therefore control them better), or just get cable, or whatever.. But for a TEMPORARY fix, while on a tight budget, I recommend tinkering around with the manual programming on the Philips CL035A, in various modes which weren't DESIGNED to work with a converter box (such as VCR mode), until you can get just a FEW random functions (even though they're assigned to the "WRONG" buttons) to work (the way "dysifer" explained).. From THERE, as long as you can get a: MENU button, NAVIGATION button, and an ENTER button to work, those are the main three you need, in order to get into the menu and perform a channel scan. It's not FUN, but it's POSSIBLE. Where there's a will, there's a way.


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You are using a converter box with your flat screen TV? There are some cases where you might need a converter box with a flat screen, but only if you have low VHF stations(very few left in the United States).

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