I sat too close to the movie screen...4K related


Last night I went to see a documentary at the movie theater. It was a one-night-only showing. The event was nearly sold out so we had to sit way too close. I got a firsthand look the pixels on the screen. The image quality was poor when sitting this close. Not that I would ever want to sit so close...but I see what 4K films and projectors will "fix" in regards to movie theaters. Even sitting farther back 4K will give us a much crisper image. It will be interesting to see how 4K will effect the "film look" we consciously or unconsciously expect to see. Our modern video equipment is capable of super high definition video capture but we digitally add artifacts and softness to create the look of film. Not a bad thing! Imagine watching a film displayed like a football game. Everything bright and crisp. It would look weird. If you watch a behind the scenes segment on a DVD you can often find video of the crew filming a scene. On the DVD it will not have the film effect and will be clear raw HD. You will notice that it looks...hmmm...not very film like. Try it and see.


Yea well i think movie theaters are dying anyways just like every good thing we had... but yea the newage revolution will bring great things but i dont see it being for movie theater use

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