I was lied to. - DirecTV

On Monday of this week i called
At&t 1.) to pay my bill. 2.) lower
My monthly bill.. That's all I wanted.. Now I think i have direct tv? i don't know , and neither does direct tv. Cause yes i called them ,and they have nothing on me, i don't excist. But yet i had a direct tv installer at my house. He hooked up direct tv. I don't want. Now you may ask.. then why, let them hook up.? Because I thought it was a upgrade. NOPE...... At&t took money out of my bank account..i have proof of this. I called at&t they will not talk to me...i called direct tv..they at least talked to me then hung up on me. I tryed reaching out to online help. I got g. A rep who transfered me and that person disconnected me from the conversation. Now i am going to the district attorneys office and file a complaint . 1.) for switching me I DONT WANT DORECT TV. 2.) taking money out of my bank account. 3.) This one is more for ( b.b.b) for such a bad treatment by at&t and direct tv reps. Who hung up on me and disconnected me from my online rep help.

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