Review: I was surprised to find a Digital TV Converter which shows beyond my imagination!


DTVUSA Jr. Member
A family member recently purchased a DVR and found that it did not have a built in tuner. After searching, I found that it is very common that DVR's do not have tuners. (They must assume that everyone has cable or satellite.) After comparing several units, I chose this DVR based on the features and price. It appeared to have the most bang for the buck.
Setup took less than five minutes and I hooked this up to the DVR with an HDMI cable. Even in a remote area that is about 40 miles away from the TV stations, this tuner was able to pick up every single station using an indoor antenna. The tuner appears to be better than the tuner built in two the 46 inch Sony VAIO TV.
Setting up a timer to record shows is fairly simple after doing it a couple of times.
My uncle is now very happy that he can record any TV show he wants for free!
I would definitely recommend this for anyone that is looking for a digital tuner.

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