If Simon Cowell left, would Idol survive?


As we all know, British record producer/TV personality Simon Cowell has not only been a major presence - some would say "the major presence" - on American Idol but its British inspiration "Pop Idol", the similar "X-Factor," and "Britain's Got Talent." For the past 8 season, Simon has been the judge "everyone loves to hate" because he is often painfully blunt and frank, especially when he critiques poor performers. And though he shares the judging responsibilities with three others, he and host Ryan Seacrest are the highest paid "Idol" stars.

Though he recently renewed his contract for the upcoming ninth season, there are many rumors that Simon is growing tired of having so many TV shows to do (as well as run his recording company and the Il Divo group of singers) and probably will quit the show in 2011.

Assuming that "Idol" keeps on surviving and dominating American TV as it is currently doing, do you think Simon's departure will hurt the show? More importantly, will you keep watching "Idol"?


Just thinking to myself last night about this and I can't even imagine a viable replacement. You need someone with crass and tremendous credability to even stand a chance of continuing the AI franchise.


I think American Idol would survive, but it will not have the same impact. It wouldn't be the same without Simon and Ryan barbing each other. I also think that the contestants and the audiences are really listening to Simon's opinion because of his cutting honesty.
Heck No! American Idol would not be able to survive Simon Cowell. It is just that simple. Even if it did survive, future seasons would start to diminish audiences. Simon's viewpoints are just so valuable.