IF you had to pay for watch DTV over air?


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was wondering what would happen in USA if the DTV over air were just received by suscription like cable tv or dish and only their best contents or HD signals you had to pay by watch thems?

well in Chile the next Wednesday will be balloted in the chamber the law that regulate the DTV here but the law says that the tv chains are authorized to charge to viewers for watch their signals.

well in other words this is a complete disaster, looks like we by choose ISDB-T the most expensive DTV system over the world now the law want ensure that DTV still being a viable option because ther operative cost are so high that TV chains would go into bankruptcy if they not get any external money.

wghat do you think about this?

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If OTA stations charged as much as cable or satellite did, I have a feeling that most people would simply give up and get cable or satellite.

Most people get their TV from pay TV providers anyway. Exactly how many isn't really known.


I would not pay for OTA since it's strictly a hobby for me. As I've noted in the past both here and in other forums, my interest is largely technical in nature: measuring signals and evaluating ATSC waveforms.

When I do watch television for content, I'm already paying it via cable. By and large, the really outstanding programming choices are no longer offered by broadcast facilities. Services such as Turner Classic Movies, CNN, MSNBC, the local government channel, F/X, ESPN and Fox Sports are "must see" for my particular tastes and if it means paying for that content, so be it.

That being said, tonight's NCAA basketball championship (UConn-Butler) is on CBS. I'll switch off the signal analyzer for that and watch it in pristine OTA! :)
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well to be truthfully i am also interested in measure and research more about ATSC and ISBT-Tb and the original version of this one. i have heard positive comments about ATSC and the high quality of the signals and images

Well have analogic cable and really doesn't worthwhile pay for it .

my point is that the idea of pay for OTA is something backwards and i knew that would happen this because the costs of run in ISDB-T are outrageous expensive in comparison with ATSC

i know this because have researched about the topic and am accountant so i see with the financial side of the things am not in favor of paid over to air


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the law of DTV in Chile was approved in the representatives chamber today with the indication of that the 50% of the contents of broadcast must be or can be of suscription or best said have to pay for watch it

now have the next step the chamber of senators approve the law to be republic law and start formely with the transition period and stops the test period.

to be truthfully the indication that must be the 50% of the programming for pay i do not like because that mean that they can just broabcast crap on TV and the best programms or the best shows will be pay pern view over air which is just something backwards because the radioelectric space over air to insert the microwaves signals is a good that belong to everyone and the indication of that must be the 50% of the programming for pay or in pay per view mode just made unfair this concepy of that the over to air television are free

if were for pay then is not sense choose an system and etc for aereal broadcast

the cable TV or satellite television are for pay because they do not use the radioelectric space over air they use their own lines for broadcast television over cable,optic fiber of satellite signals , that is the big difference in this so the law is out of focus .

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