If you won the lottery, would you leave your wife?


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What a story...

Campbell = wife
Ramdass = husband

Campbell's woes began in June 2007 when Ramdass bought a winning lottery ticket for a $19 million jackpot with his co-workers. They shared a lump sum of $10.2 million and received $450,000 after taxes.

Campbell said she noticed Ramdass immediately cut cable, phone and Internet at their home. She eventually found out he was hiding his lottery winnings and asked for her share of the money, but he refused. Campbell went to court to fight Ramdass, but lost since she didn't have any right to Ramdass' winnings.
Man Wins Lottery, Leaves Wife


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Nobody has repsonded to this for 10 days as the spouse could very well see it. Then the litigation begins.

I for one have nothing to say.