iHeartRadio App outage with no listing of My Stations - DirecTV

I've been using the iHeartRadio App for some time and now, as of the last few days, I am experiencing no icons listed in My Stations.
Because of this I can't play any of my stations. I've tried the standard troubleshooting activities: STB/Gateway resets, reboots, logout/login, reactivate code. I have verified that iHeartRadio is working properly with other access methods like PC and smartphone. And yet I still get the same negative results on Uverse.
I've also tried using the search option in the app for some of my stations and get the spinning wheel with no results.
What does work is the For You listing of stations, none of which I want to listen to.
Are there any clues as to what is going on with this app?

This question, "iHeartRadio App outage with no listing of My Stations," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.