Illy Here!


Hi everyone! My name is Illy and I just turned 27. I hail from Texas and I love television! I am looking forward to participating here, and getting to know everyone. Thanks for such a great forum.

Jason Fritz

Staff member
Welcome to the community! I drove through the Texas panhandle about 2 months ago, and almost stopped at the "Big Texan Steak Ranch", home of the free 72 ounce steak. I had such a long drive ahead of me, and was sooo exhausted and hungry......was quite tempted. Every mile or so down that stretch of highway along the was an advertisement for that steak house! Somehow I managed to pass by it without pulling over, although I will one day conquer that bad boy!

LOL, going to have to cook some dinner now.....


Hi Illy! I'm from India and I've always somehow wanted to come to Texas. It'd be nice to know more about the place from you maybe. And of course we have TV to talk about:)