I'm confussed VHF/UHF


So I believe I have read every page on this forum about which antenna to choose and I think I am more confused then ever. I thought maybe one of you experts could help a rookie out a little! Here are my tv fool results: TV Fool

I have a different location away from the house with a much clearer view North and South but it would require 210' of cable so I believe I would need to power up an amp at that location? (I do have power there already)
Any help is greatly appreciated!!! Mike
I will give you a good short answer. You will need an antenna with high VHF/UHF capability. There is not currently a great selection of good dual band antennas in the U.S. marketplace.
Without digging deeper into your channel situation. I'd suggest the Winegard HD7694P, or on a budget you could try the Stellar Labs 30-2440.
Which channels are UHF or VHF?
The channel numbers displayed on your TV are not the real channels the signal is being transmitted on, and have no relevance to the frequency the signal is being transmitted on. The real channel numbers listed as such on the TV Fool report can be directly tied to the frequency the signal is being transmitted on, and are of great importance when selecting an antenna.
Real Channels 2-6 are low VHF, and seldom used.
7-13 are high VHF.
14-51 are UHF.
On antenna size an antenna built for high VHF will be approximately 3 times larger than one built for UHF.
Strong signals will be received on any antenna.
I'll offer more advice when it's not so late in my evening.
You have a good assortment of signals most of them are from low power translators they are all to the south and only spread 15 degrees apart. They are line of site but are far enough away that I would suggest the Winegard HD7694P. I did take time to look up what should be on those translators. Here is a generic Rabbitears.info report for your zip code. Click on the call signs to see what should be on them.
You can get a more accurate report by filling in your address, checking the Strength Search box, and Antenna Height Above Ground.
The Portland stations signals are quite weak at your location, but they are retransmitted on translators that your TV Fool report indicates should not be difficult to receive in your area. Nearby trees or buildings can block reception.