I'm noticing an increase in Cable Cord Cutters switching to OTA

Looks like the economic "repression" and Joe public frustration with the never ending price increases from the cable companies is hitting home.

I haven't advertised locally for over three months due to helping my wife recover from a total knee replacement. But this last month I have had a lot of phone and email inquires to ditch cable and go with OTA antenna television.

Anyone else noticing the pick up?

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I drove thru an (especially) economically depressed area on Highway 99 in North Seattle today and I spotted two new DB-8's and an old-style CM-4221 that have been installed very recently above the rooftops of three different Motels.

I'd like to know how the signals are being distributed among the rooms, do all rooms have modern TVs with digital tuners or are they using converter boxes? How many and which channels do they receive? I doubt they are solely for the benefit of the Motel managers.

Jim :behindsofa:

PS Cutthecable, best wishes to your wife for a quick and complete recovery.
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Well, on my way to my OTA only friend's home I noticed a DB4 mounted on one of the neighbor's roof. They have nice LOS to the towers, so I'm sure they have plenty of signal.

I've sold several antennas to my friends, but so far they were people who either were cord never havers or people who had already cut the cord.
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