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This question is about "IMAP Server-Side Email Folders Messed Up", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Good Morning,

I recently moved my email service from POP to IMAP. In the process of moving to IMAP all of the various email folders have become messed up. Using Spectrum's webmail client I have attempted to delete the various duplicate folders and correct the issues. The webmail client is not deleting the duplicate folders. I have also lost the default IMAP sent mail folder and can no longer see any emails I have sent. Here is an image of what the folder structure should look like:

Here is an image of what my current folder structure looks like:

Notice that there is no Sent Mail (with a paper airplane) folder in my current set up.

I have tried multiple email clients, multiple cell phone clients, and multiple browsers. I have wiped the cache on my browsers and tried everything I can think of to make this work. I have also deleted all of my email clients. I made sure I was logged out of all webmail clients and deleted my account from all of my cell phones. The only client I am currently using right now is Spectrum's webmail interface. I did this to assure that no other possible clients were syncing improperly.

I have been on the phone four times over the last two days with spectrum support. As I feared, they have been pretty useless and keep telling me to do things that I have already tried.

This has to be a server-side error in the configuration as the only client I am using is spectrum's webmail client.

Any suggestions or assistance would be greatly appreciated. I would really like to get my folders back to the default set up as shown in the first photograph.

Thank you!

IMAP Server-Side Email Folders Messed Up?