IMDB under fire


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I love the IMDB website. It's standard fare and has been for many years. It's not always accurate, though. I've submitted updates and things for Patrick Swayze. Anyone can; it's a bit of a pain, but you can do it. Anyway, a celebrity is suing IMDB because they have the wrong age for her and she claims it is interrupting her career because of discrimination for older actresses. Okay, so I guess Spielberg checks out the IMDB when casting? I think it's ridiculous. Anyway, the judge ordered the actress to inform the court of her name (she was doing it anonymously) or he'd dismiss the case. So she has. Anyone know Huong Hoang? LOL She goes by Junie Hoang. Her big claim to fame? The Gingerbread movies, whatever those are. She wants a million or two in compensation.


Apparently IMDB is a big deal in the entertainment world. It is a "good thing" to be listed there. It is like the LinkedIn of the film and entertainment world.


Well, yes! IMDB is certainly the best promo for every newly released or about to be released film. It is where everyone lands for info on premieres or even DVD rentals. It is like the Bible of Film Industry! :)