In-Home Viewing - XFinity

When trying to watch TV shows on my iPad with the Xfinity Home App, more often than not, I get kicked off with "Access Issue:: 12007 This operation can only be performed on your home WiFi network." I am home! Every time it happens! I called the support desk and was on the phone with them for a couple of hours (ugh), and they told me the NetGear 5G connection cannot be considered my home connection, even though I am home, and this is the strongest signal I receive, so it always defaults to that. When I make it go tmanually connect to the regular NetGear connection, I can't stream the videos because the signal is too weak. (My modem/router is less than 6 months old). This is a ridiculous situation, and I need a solution. Thank you.

This question, "In-Home Viewing," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television Apps.

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