In Memoriam Segment on The Emmys Was the Way It Should Always Be


, Blogger: Orry's Orations
Over the decades, I have watched many an award show, including last month's edition of The Emmy Awards.

Traditionally, I have enjoyed the award honors, though admittedly these days there are more strange faces than in the golden days when the staples were actors and actresses seen every week on TV for months on end, versus today when performers are spread among cable channels I do not receive and may only appear on TV a few weeks of the year.

That said, what stood out on Sunday for me was the extremely well done In Memoriam section. The trend has become to have some big name singer appear and perform a beautiful song as the images and names of those who have passed away in the prior year are displayed. The problem with this is that the singer demands a certain amount of airtime, taking away from the salute to the dearly departed.

I have had my share of frustration with, not recognizing someone and not being able to see their name because the camera was on the singer, or something similar. It really bugs me.

On The Emmys, though, there was a lovely song sung quietly by, I don't know who, off stage or recorded, I'm really not sure which. That left the focus on the stars who deserve to have their final few seconds of glory. With a lead in from the very classy Ron Howard as he remembered Andy Griffith, this is how all award shows should do their In Memoriam segments.

Watch The Emmys' successful tribute to Griffith and others here.