Incompetence--No other word - DirecTV

I have been trying to get Direct TV service for almost a month now. First the technician showed up an hour prior to the install time when no one was home. Then AT&T "lost" my account in the system so they couldn't reschedule my installation. Representative after representative, day after day could not find my account and didn't really try to resolve it. Then my Uverse TV gets cut off prior to when it should have been cut (with Direct TV start). So, after 4 hours on the phone with no success, I go online and schedule installation. The install day the system gave me wasn't good, so I called and changed it. No one showed up, although the new installation was confirmed on 3 different occassions with representatives. By the way, I went to the "retention" department twice for help with the situation.

I'm convinced that AT&T is too big for its own britches. Not the least bit interested in customers, just money (by the way, which they continued to receive from me). It just shouldn't be that difficult to get service.

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