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This question is about "Inconsistent internet in Clairemont, San Diego", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I've been having issues for years, ever since moving to this house in 2012. This primarily concerns streaming video and online gaming. In online gaming the lag is atrocious, independent of the ping I have (the experience is the same at 100 ping as it is at 30). In streaming, even at the highest speeds we consistently run into buffering or errors during playback. (Even as I write this now I keep having an error on the forum page saying authentication failed; authentication ticket mismatched. I assume this is due to lost packets.)

The main focus of my complaints and investigations have centered around the very high modem error rates, both correctable and uncorrectable, and have posted about this before. Over the years many things were tried by the local supervisor, but eventually he told me that as far as then TWC was concerned, no one else was complaining about this but me, so the problem must be due to my setup.

Gigabit was recently setup in my area and I decided to get it to see if there was any improvement. First thing, They've locked me out of the status page so I can't see the errors anymore. Ok, now I'm focusing on pingtests, and see that there is high jitter and lost packets on two Spectrum routers I go through for literally all of my traffic. [] []

Perhaps this is the real root of the problem? What do I do and who do I talk to about investigating this?

Modem is the Hitron E31n2v1, connected an ASUS ROG AC-5300 router, computers directly connected to the router. Modem is plugged directly into unsplit cable, direct from the pole, no splitters or anything.

Thanks for any help, Eric.

Inconsistent internet in Clairemont, San Diego?