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This question is about "Inconsistent upload speeds", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. For the past two months, my upstream has rarely been stable at the rated speeds I'm paying for and I keep having T3 timeouts. When the problem started, I had the 50 down/ 5 up package but was averaging 65 down/ 2 up. The upload would randomly drop to nothing and would require rebooting the modem and router before it would start working again. This would happen multiple times a day, more often in the evening. From what I read at the time, all my snr and power levels were good for the sb6141 that I was using at the time. I finally had a tech come out on the 12th and he replaced the drop, removed the trap he found, and replaced the connectors inside the house. Apparently the trap was limiting me to 4 downstream channels. The tech told me that they were doing maintenance in the area trying to trace down packet loss so he couldn't do anymore until they finished but he thought I was good to go. After a few hours everything came up and it all seemed good. A few days later I started having issues again but not as often. I replaced the sb6141 with a netgear cm600 just in case it was the modem and upgraded my package to the 200/20 which i was planning on doing when the issue was resolved. It seemed to remedy the problem but after a week it came back. Yesterday I couldn't get over 3mb up and today it's 4. I have no splitters, connections are tight, I watched the tech replace the ends so I know they're good. They're sending another tech out in the morning with a supervisor. Is there anything I should ask or know?

1. San Antonio, Tx, 78227 Single home
2. Internet only 200 down 20 up
3. Netgear CM600
4. TP-Link Archer C7
5. FW V1.01.05
6. No green dot on TWC page. Mac is correct but it has the mac duplicated in the S/N slot as well.
7. Purchased 200/20. Twc speedtest is 235.14 down, 3.14 up, 22ms latency, 5ms Jitter
8. Switched from wireless ac to a cat6 hardwire immediately after symptoms started 2 months ago.
9. Signals: Event log:
10. Drop from pole in alley to grounding block, RG6 from block to modem. Looks like cat5 to router, cat6 to my pc.
11. There's a cat5 from router to another pc, and a few wireless devices.
12. Changed from SB6141 to CM600 and upgraded from 50/5 to 200/20.
13. It's not one particular site so I ran it on Disney and ESPN.
14. Not noticeable when watching netflix unless the upload drops to 0. When gaming, it makes it unbearable sometimes.
15. No background processes utilizing network that I can see on resource monitor.

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