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This question is about "Increase in phishing spam TWC accounts (Nov 2019)", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. My TWC email and sub accounts have received an increase in phishing spam starting 11/25/19. Before, our TWC accounts were spam/phishing free. It is unusual in that the family member accounts are getting the same phishing email
Message - in the message preview there is only an unsubscribe with a strange URL - so I will not/have not clicked them. I tried to contact Spectrum to see if this is a TWC Firewall issue - to no avail. Using the Spectrum chat gets you automated responses. I have taken the recommendation of logging into webmail and marking each of the phishing messages as spam and they get moved to the spam folder. I doubt that they check user spam folders for domains to block/blacklist. They probably simply use outsourced net security SEIM Tools from major players like ATT or Cisco. Two questions: is there any way to contact TWC/Spectrum Tech Support via email or form submission (with ability to send JPEG or screenshots) to provide examples? 2. Are other TWC email users experiencing the same sudden increase in phishing/spam?

Increase in phishing spam TWC accounts (Nov 2019)?

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