Question: Indoor antenna advice for San Francisco

Looking for help and recommendations for an indoor antenna for San Francisco. I am new at TV antenna knowledge and set-up. My primal goal is to get the major channels like CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox.

Here is some general information.

1. TV Fool
2. TV room has a window that faces SE (120[SUP]o[/SUP]) to SW (230[SUP]o[/SUP]).
3. I do live on the top floor (3rd) of my building, but it's halfway up the hill. So don't have direct LOS of Sutro Tower.

Any help would be awesome. Thank you.
Indoor reception is often loaded with unpredictable problems. I still like to recommend trying the simple rabbit ear loop type antenna first. It's also lowest cost, it might be all you need, and it might work as good as anything else you try.
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You have two major networks on VHF ABC and NBC some flat panel type antennas are very poor at receiving VHF signals. The Winegard flatwave might be one of the better choices in the flat style antennas.
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Sometimes the best indoor antenna is a small outdoor antenna.
You will need to rescan to check for channels every time you move the antenna. Having a television that will support direct entry of real channels as listed on the TV fool report can be a real time saver. Some TVs will others won't.
Make sure you are scanning for TV antenna (ATSC) and NOT cable TV (QAM). Scanning for cable channels will bring up partial or no channel list.