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I'm looking to purchase an antenna for my apartment. The towers are located 28 miles @ 357 °. Which would be the best indoor antenna to place behind my tv that's $40 or less.

First go to TV Fool get a signal report for your location, and post a link to the report back here.
Then tell us what the building is made of, and if you have a window in the direction of the available signals. Indoor antennas seldom work when place behind the TV, but it is possible in some buildings in the right location. In a building built like the one I live in indoor reception is not possible.



Here are the results.

TV Fool

The building was made around the 1990's, not sure on the material that was used. It's on the top floor, tv will be hung on the wall, and will be next to a window.

Thank you
There is certainly enough signal available at that location to make indoor reception a possibility, if it's not blocked by the building materials of the building, other nearby buildings, trees, house hold RFI, or wrecked by muti-path reflections from the building or other house hold objects.
The major networks in your area are using a mix of high VHF, and UHF signals.
The first thing I would do is get the cheapest most basic indoor antenna you can buy, and check to see if there are actually signals penetrating the walls of the building. The cheapest most basic antenna you can get might work as good as anything else, and probably better on the VHF channels.
Some extra cable, and a barrel connector may be needed to experiment with placement. TV signals do not allways conveniently arrive where you want them to be. Be prepared to experiment with placement. Behind the TV is seldom a good place for an antenna. The TV its self could generate enough interference to wreck reception.
While I'm not an expert in the new flat antennas the Winegard FL-5000, or SolidSignal HDBlade 100 would probably be my choice based upon what I've read.
Solid Signal HD-BLADE Indoor Digital Flat Indoor TV Antenna w/ 15FT Cable (HDBLADE100-15FT) from Solid Signal
Amplified can help in some situations, but for the most part the word amplified has become nothing more then a sales gimmick and is of very little use when it comes to indoor antennas, and at times can cause more harm then good.
In many cases the best indoor antenna is a small outdoor antenna. Eagle Aspen EASDTV2BUHF Directv Approved 2-Bay UHF Outdoor Antenna: Electronics
There are no magic little TV antennas. Very little has changed in basic antenna design in the last 50 years.
Scan for antenna, or air channels. Not cable channels.
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Question: does your window face North or East?
I would agree with Steve about the Eagle Aspen, but it may require a modification to get VHF. It's really easy to do, it consists of a few pieces of coathanger or welding rods attached to the balun connection.