Indoor antennas


I live about 30 miles southwest of Portland Oregon. Before I hooked up the converter box, I had a rabbit ear antenna and got the local channels. Yesterday I hooked up the converter box along with a new indoor GE HDTV digital antenna. I'm getting terrible reception. I tried the old rabbit ears and they don't work either. I realize a rooftop antenna would be best, but I'm not able to get up on the roof and would rather not go to all that trouble. I read somewhere that some people have had good luck with an indoor Terk tv-1 antenna. Has anyone experience this same problem? This is soooo frustrating.

Jason Fritz

Staff member
Hi Marilyn,
Just to get a clearer picture.....

You've connected the antenna to the Antenna input of the converter box, and connected the output of the converter box to the input of your television set?

Have you done the auto channel scan yet?

When the TV and converter box are on, what do you see on your screen? Are you able to bring up the menu guide? Do you see a "weak signal" or "no signal" message?


Yes, I did the auto channel scan (no channels found) and I got the menu, and now I get the "no signal" message.
A couple channels vaguely come in and I can tell it's the station, but the words "no signal" come up on the screen.