indoor/outdoor antenna General Electric futura 24769 model


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Review to this indoor/outdoor Antenna

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The package and box comes with the antenna , an mini pole t stick in a wall, screws, two adaptors for install in a mast the antenna , an small signal amplifier of 20 Db an power adaptor and additionally in my case with an adaptor from 110 Volts to 220 volts.

the installation is quicker and easy , assemby the antenna was intuitive and easy, with exception of do the holes for install if you will do it in a brick, mansory that can take more time.

Later first must plug in the antenna with your RF input and test the signal strenght meter, if is too low or is channels with very weak signals must attach the amplifier and would do some changes, although not miracles but for some cases can work good.

in my case without amplifer could get a 57% of signal strenght and with amplifier on 72% of signal strenght additionally the channel 11 which is broadcasting at 1.5Kw TX, could been received at 57% of signal strenght and with good reliability of signals, in the ISDB-TB DTV system and without the amplifier atached just was signal 0% , analogic channels well in the case that there be some in that old system just works or are received fine as this tv antenna is VHF-UHF antenna so just would receive the images with ghosting and the common analogic problems.

Oddly this antenna in the analogic channel 54 without the amplifier on was a bit grainy the image and later of power on the amplifier of 20Db the grainy image almost was not perceptible from some distance.

In comparison with the RCA flat antenna ANT 121 and the GE Futura is not many differences both are multidirectionals but in some weak signals can excel the GE with the amplifier attached for some signals that are weak and the flexibility of be installed indoor or outdoors makes good choice if live in an apartment or building where is not rooftop antennas allowed .

Although the GE futura could not get the 70% signal strenght without the amplifier attached and with the RCA ANT 121 could get those values without any amplifier on, but for very weak signals the GE works good.

can be very competitive if if installed in a outdoor place at least can behave as an rooftop antenna without any problem and having good signals to pick up, at least could perform good as rooftop antenna in a zone near of the broadcasters towers.

the equipment used was a LG TV with DTV ISDB-Tb system built in and basically that