Indoor vs. Outdoor antennas?


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See the guide hotlinked under my user name.

An exact address TVFool would be necessary to give a recommendation, or the general area and SWHouston can provide a close enough one to determine if one with an integrated amplifier is useable or not. FM and TV Signals Strengths, needed to determine.

Houston has VHF High and UHF from what I remember.

Here are some contenders for indoor solutions...

Radio Shack 1874 Budget RE&Loop
Quantum FX ANT 102
Terk HDTVi
Terk HDTVa


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You're quite right, having Niners provide us with his ZipCode, or he may take a look at...
LookUp Instructions for finding your Free Local TV Channels.
to provide us with his Chart.

I previously offered the Chart for...
Dallas TX. 75201 Typical Reception
and that only estimates the reception Niner might receive.

The Chart shown, shows reception for generally the center of the Dallas area, and additionally, shows that a Pre-Amp is NOT recommended.
One would have to receive from a location well away from the Southern part of Dallas, to require/permit an add on Amp.

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Oops, serves me right for not reading the thread, yet.

Dallas = smacks head!

If he isnt in a spot where the towers diverge much then the Terk HDTVi would probably be his best bet. Otherwise the RadioShack 1874 Budget.