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I live in St. Paul MN in a 2 level condo which has a inside antenna running through the building and stopping in an attic crawlspace that is not reachable. It has provided excellent analog reception and provides great digital reception except CBS does not come in and since the conversion ABC actually is worse, responding to wind and rain by breaking up or losing its signal.

I have rescanned, basically rebooted the TV with a double scan/restart, checked the quality of the cable to the antenna, checked the map of reception quality, which says strong, and asked every help source. I live no more that 10 miles from the transmitter, if that.
Are there bases I haven't covered. I can't put up an roof antenna, and I am determined not to have to go to cable and pay for digital and HD and channels I don't want. Rumor has it others are having trouble with CBS reception.
Thank you for any help you can give.

Thank you for any help you can give.


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We need a TV Fool plot.
Go there enter your address and antenna height and we can get closer to what might be the problem.

If you can't get to the antenna your options might be limited.

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Tell us a little more about that antenna. Is it shared by all of the units in your complex (kind of like a master antenna setup)?

I'm assuming you've run your address through to determine the 10 mile distance from transmitters to your condo?

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Thank you. I will check on these suggestions. Condo people seem to know little as original condo owners are gone. I know there is a room with some connections as Comcast once shut my antenna off while putting in cable for condo across the hall. I am going to ask a friend familiar with some of this to take a look. Thank you for your helpl