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Is the Insignia TV converter box a good one? It's the only converter box available to me through my Wal-Mart and it's still $40. I also have a couple of other questions. I want to make sure that my TV is compatible with it and I'd like to know if I need a different antenna. Thank you for any help. It's been almost 2 years since I've purchased my last converter which was an RCA and it only lasted up until last month before it went out.


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Insignia boxes had good reputations during the digital TV transition a year ago. If that box is the same as last year's model, 40 bucks would be a good price for it. A year is an eternity in electronic-product design and marketing, though, so the box may not be quite the same. The only way to know for sure is by looking at the model number.

Compatibility with your TV shouldn't be a concern since all converter boxes are hooked up using one of two (sometimes three) kinds of standard cables and connectors. The same goes for your antenna: If it was a satisfactory performer with the RCA box, it will probably work just about as well with an Insignia.
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A guy I'm helping out with antenna stuff has one of the Insignia boxes. My mom also has two of them. I believe they're the same as the Zenith DTT901.


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I have the Insignia, and its still running. It also has "now/ next" program guide, if I remember correctly... it also will control your TV on/off and Volume. I think its the same as the Zenith. It's nothing special, but it works good though. I have the RCA box too, I'd say its better than the RCA. Buy it at that price, I don't know of any store in my area that still has ANY converter boxes on the shelf.

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