Insignia Roku TV ??? - DirecTV

Just had DirectTv installed. All is good and the 4 TV's do work, BUT I have an Insignia NS-39DR510NA17 that has Roku installed (not a stick, but part of TV). The issue is when you turn on the TV with RC73 remote (or any remote) the screen is painted with tiles (selections like 'DirectTV', 'antenna' 'netflix' etc.) When on this screen you must select your input. The RC73 remote does not control this function of moving left/right/up/down and I am forced to use Roku remote to select. Is there a code for the RC73 to use this select function? OR is there a way to default to 'DirectTV' on the TV upon startup?

I have tried sevreal codes and none so far work. I have searched for this model TV and it does not show as a selection in the menu. I just got this TV last month, so I would guess it may not be mapped yet.



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