installed new HDTV antenna-but now i need another?

Hi all,

i just installed a new HDTV antenna that works great...picks up plenty of stations (vhf/uhf). Except for one uhf ....and my wife wants that one (of course). The problem is, the antenna i installed is a directional antenna and is pointed toward the majority of the stations we need but the one station missing is coming from the opposite direction. My question is... is it possible to 'add' something to the new antenna to make it look in the opposite direction? and if do i do that? (i'm kind of new to the over the air tv stuff...but i love it)

here is the one i installed:

it works great, but i failed to notice that the uhf signal from one important station is coming from the opposite direction of the main broadcast towers.

any suggestion would be appreciated.
Really the only sure way to solve this problem is a rotor or a switched two antenna system. Combining like band antennas pointed different directions can be plagued with problems, and seldom produces desired results. If all signals are strong in the right location it can work, but often times does not.
We just covered this topic a couple of weeks ago.