Instant TV cloud DVR recording issue - XFinity

Hi, we have instant TV with 20 hours cloud DVR. We use a Roku with Xfinity streaming app. So far this has worked quite well for us for over a year. Just this week we have been experiencing problems. Example: we record CBS News at 6:30pm, my husband wanted to record ABC News at 6:30pm when we set up the new recording, the CBS News schedule recording disappear. I would then add the CBS recording back and then the ABC recording will disappear. I have deleted the app, reinstalled the app, I have turn the Roku off and back on. We have had no issues recording two shows at the same time in the past. The peculiar part is we have scheduled recordings for the weekend with multiple shows being recorded at the same time and everything looks good. Yet if I add a recording during weekdays an older recording is deleted. Any clues what is going on?

This question, "Instant TV cloud DVR recording issue," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television Apps.

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