Integrate a feature for shared playlists - DirecTV

Hello, I thought of a very nice feature that I'm sure a lot of you would benefit from. I think the DTV main genie should have a feature to dedicate each mini genies playlist to it's hard drive. So, from the DTV main genie menu you would be allowed to assign how much storage each mini genie is allowed on the main genie's hard drive. For example, main genie is assigned 30GB, 2nd mini genie is assigned 15GB, and a 3rd mini genie is assigned 10GB of playlist storage. It all depends on the DTV genie's family preference. The owner of the main genie would be allowed to choose if he/she wanted to share the playlist to other DirecTV media players on the network. The mini genies would have an option in their menu to choose between sharing the recorded playlists.

Thank you for reading, let me know if you think this suggestion would work and if not, why.

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