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Netflix Helps People Cut Cable Cord, Report Says

Netflix Helps People Cut Cable Cord, Report Says -

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Robin Miller
Bradenton, Florida
June 15th, 2011
9:52 pm

I'm getting ready to install a magical new cable replacement device called an "antenna." Since we're 25 miles away from the Tampa, FL, transmitter cluster, it will be on a 30' mast, and will have an internal amplifier. We'll replace the cableco PVR with an oldish computer I have around, to which I'll add two tuners and a second hard drive, plus an HDMI-capable video card -- and a wireless keyboard so we can control this array from our sofa. Essentially, we'll watch all of our TV on the computer, with our 42" Visio HDTV as the monitor.

Cable TV costs a little more each year, and my SS isn't going up. We'll keep our Internet connection because I need it for the bits of freelance writing I do to supplement SS. But cable TV? See ya!
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Indian Trail, NC
June 15th, 2011
10:55 pm

I slimmed down the cable bill radically a few years back. Cut from $100 per month for a full load of cable down to $15 for all local channels plus a few cable channels that leak through. I would go for an antenna but my house is in a radio wave dead spot. Both my sons independently opted for the antenna as well and one of them is a Netflix subscriber. I have been a Netflix guy since '02 and have watched thousands of titles via DVD plus thousands more via Roku. I never go to movie theaters anymore because I hate to eavesdrop on others' cell phone conversations. I recently added a Magnavox DVR with a 500GB hard drive which eliminates the need to send a monthly stipend to Tivo. So for $15 plus $30 for Time Warner Cable's Road Runner Light I am good to go. Oh yeah my home phone line is via Magic Jack which works great in case you feel the need to "bundle" your services.
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Paul G
Salem, OR
June 16th, 2011
9:47 pm

We subscribe to Netflix with BluRay option for $12/month. Every night we watch a DVD or a title from the instant viewing queue. The streaming video over DSL is excellent quality. As for HDTV, An inexpensive VHF antenna delivers Oregon Public Broadcasting with beautiful 1080i commercial free programming from a transmitter 25 miles away Who needs cable?
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austin, tx
June 17th, 2011
1:45 pm

Cable has been consistently delivering less value to me for a couple of decades. Packages of "new" channels I must buy to get the few I actually watch. Soaring rates with no end in sight. Dismal customer service. More and more hidden fees appearing on my bill. Introductory periods that expire, concealing the real cost.

Thankfully the major networks are now available free in HD over the air, and more content can be watched online, or simply downloaded via Amazon for a small fee. And yes, Netflix is GREAT.

Cable needs to move out of Monopoly-Mode. They still seem to be clinging to that model of trapping customers into fees and channels they do not want, and crushing the alternatives. Companies like Netflix and Apple are providing what customers want in order to build their businesses. I'd suggest cable do the same soon if they want to survive.
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