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First off I'd like to say I have been lurking for quite some time and the help I've found in the forums have been numerous. Now I've finally ran into a problem where I couldn't find the answer. So this is my first post.

I live about 30 miles from KC and currently have a cheap OTA (Moho Leaf). This picks up stations pretty good and with minimal fuss....UNTIL I turn on my stereo receiver. Not sure what it is that causes it but literally once I power it on and it "clicks", I lose the OT A signal on TV. I turn off the receiver and the signal comes back on. Any ideas?

Samasung 75" TV (UN75J6300)
Denon X3000 receiver

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You didn't say if your TV and Stereo are sharing the MOHU antenna but I assume they share the same power source. Are either of the units electrically grounded, including through their power-plugs into the AC wall outlets? Their might be an issue with one of the outlets not properly grounding and a ground loop has been created:

The power supply in your Stereo might be electrically 'noisy' and creating RF interference that is being picked up by your TV tuner (wirelessly) and confusing it. It is also possible for power supply noise to travel down AC power cords. Here is a quick 'noise detector' trick: take an AM Pocket Radio, tune it off-channel and turn up the volume, then hold it up to your stereo cabinet and around the power cord to 'detect' electrical noise.

The most likely answer is the nature of the FM tuner, which has many tuned circuits that may be radiating signals (wirelessly) to your TV tuner and those signals are confusing it. What happens when you move your MOHU antenna farther away from your stereo?

Thank you for the reply and suggestions. I have been out of town for work and fly home tonight and will give these a try...hoping I have an old handheld am radio. To answer your questions: Antenna is plugged into tv and they do share the same outlet. The stereo has a grounded plug, can't remember if the antenna did or not.

Thanks again for the help
Thank you for the reply. I am out of town at the moment but will try those steps when I get home...if I have an old radio lying about. I also can say the antenna and stereo do share the same outlet. Not sure if the antenna is a grounded plug or not, but I know the stereo is. The antenna also plugs directly into the television and the only connection to the stereo is ARC HDMI from the tv.