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To whom this may concern, But does anyone know if the Government has stopped issuing the coupons for the Digital converter boxes and if so how do i apply for one?


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here is the answer of the FCC

You are receiving this email in response to your inquiry to the FCC.


The NTIA Converter Box Coupon Program ended at 12 midnight, July 31, 2009. There is no way to request coupons or file an appeal.

NOTE: The Coupon Program is over. The last day to apply for a coupon or file an appeal was July 31, 2009. There are no more active coupons and retailers can no longer accept coupons for converter box sales. Some retailers may still be selling converter boxes without accepting coupons. NTIA and the FCC can provide no further assistance regarding coupons. Background and statistics regarding this program can be found on the NTIA's website at NTIA: Digital TV Transition and Public Safety.


ACCESSHD 1080D Converter Box

With that said, there are still converter boxes out there at different retailers.

Walmart for $27 AccessHD Digital to Analog Converter Box, 1080D - available online and in some stores and $50 in store for a RCA DTA800B1

And at Radio Shack for $60 Digital Stream Digital-to-Analog Converter with Pass-through : Converters |
dkreichen1968: I have been all over the internet looking for info about the ACCESSHD 1080D box and finally thought that I would reply to one of your posts since you seem so knowledgable (as well as many others). I recently purchased a Digital Stream converter box from Radio Shack and was very concerned after reading on the internet about the bad capacitors. Then, I read your post that the problems were fixed and since I just purchased it last week, I figure that I am in the clear.

However, I saw that Walmart has the ACCESS HD 1080D box online for $26.88 (?) with free shipping. So, I was thinking about returning the Digital Stream because it was so pricy but I read online about issues with the 1080D boxes (overheating, etc). However, you seem to consistently recommend them. Do you know if those issues were fixed or how people have overcome them or people that have had them for a long time?

I really want to get off cable but the converter box is my only outstanding issue. Then, I'm going to give it a whirl.

Thanks for any help!!


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The main reason that I've recommended them is they are the least expensive, readily available, converter box out there. But, there is the "you get what you pay for" factor. The early ones did overheat and at some point they were redesigned to help alleviate that problem. Do I know if it were completely fixed? No! The good is they have one of the best rated picture qualities out there, and the reviews on look quite good. - Walmart It doesn't have as good of Elecronic Programming Guide as the Digital Stream. And, there is some mention of people having problems with humming. But, on the other hand, some people seem to think it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. :)

From The Access HD web site:
Model DTA 1080D
More ventilation for Improved cooling
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However, I saw that Walmart has the ACCESS HD 1080D box online for $26.88 (?) with free shipping. So, I was thinking about returning the Digital Stream because it was so pricy but I read online about issues with the 1080D boxes (overheating, etc).
The free shipping on the Access HD 1080D DTV boxes is when it's shipped to the store. So if you go that route, wait until the DTV box arrives at the store before you return the Digital Stream DTV box. I went that route when I bought my laptop & other stuff. Since my stuff came from different distribution centers, everything arrived at the same time, but the computer. The computer took 2 weeks while everything else was at the store within 1 week. I might get another converter box for when I get a widescreen projector, because my Magnavox DTV box (model # TB100MW9) is setup for 4:3 aspect ratio (older full screen TV's), while the Access HD 1080D DTV box can be set for 4:3 (Full Screen) or 16:9 (widescreen) TV's. I could just get a projector that's setup for 4:3 aspect ratio only, but I'd rather have a 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratio projector for when I watch stuff in true widescreen.

Now as for DTV boxes, if any station has a duopoly & they decide to shuffle some of their subchannels around, you almost never have to rescan your DTV box for those, because some DTV boxes Do Not count subchannels as separate channels like TV sets do. As long as it picks up the physical channel (RF channel, or channel that the station is really broadcasting on), then if they have subchannels, they're added automatically. Subchannels could be removed automatically on the DTV box too if the station removes any subchannels.My Magnavox DTV box (Model# TB100MW9) does not list subchannels in the channel list, & only lists the main virtual channel that it picks up. As long as the station remains on the physical channel, the subchannels are included automatically, but you can not delete them. If you delete the channel in the add/remove list, then the subchannels are gone too. That's the only drawback. Otherwise, you don't have to worry about new subchannels when a station adds them. You only have to worry if a station changes their RF channel (many VHF stations want back on the UHF if they were on the UHF prior to June 12, 2009), which then, you must do a rescan (unless you're smart enough to add the channel manually by knowing the RF channel that the station is broadcasting on).
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