Intermittent 775 error on Genie - DirecTV

I have intermittent but regular issues with my Genie HE44/500
Every evening it looses the satellite connection with error code 775.
In the morning it is ok again,
Resetting the SWM (unplug) does not work.
The problem occurs at dusk each day and then is ok every morning again.
How could the problem be time dependent unless it is something to do with temperature/light/dew? Or the receiver does a check at the same time each evening?
During the day the satellite diagnosis is fine and the single on all transponders is great.

I have too other receivers HR24/200 and HE 24/500 which work fine.

I have a few DTV technicians come out but since the dish is on the roof they just turn back around and say they cannot service.
My latest call to DTV say that a technician will come out ( in the normal 10+days timeframe) and install a new SWM.

Any ideas on this time-of day dependent issue?


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