Intermittent connectivity to TWCC email account - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Intermittent connectivity to TWCC email account", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I use MailWasher Pro (MWP) and Outlook 2016 to access my TWCC email account. This connection is only intermittently accepted. My settings are correct and use the settings provided by TWC. But this connection is only intermittent. Today I connected at 1000 hrs with no problem. At 1300 I tried again but could not connect. At 1400 hrs, connection was successful. This problem has only started in the last three or four months. I have used MWP for the last 10 years or so with no problems. I have used Oulook (2007 then recently 2016) for about the same length of time also with no problems. I have contacted both Spectrum and Outlook support folks with no success to the problem. If this were totally no connection all the time I'd expect my settings were in error. But both MWP and Outlook work with their settings, just not consistantly. I have begun to suspect that POP3 access is given a lesser known priority than IMAPI.

I don't understand why I have this intermittent access via my two pgms listed above. I have no problem of accessing the actual webmail at TWCC using my browser but this is not my choice to access the email from. I have always used MWP to keep/delete emails prior to using Outlook to download the desired email from my account.

Can anyone solve this connectivity issue with TWCC?

Intermittent connectivity to TWCC email account?