Intermittent HDMI or Grounding Issue



I just got a new X1 dvr 1 box

I am having an issue with HDMI connectiviy to my system. The HDMI signal with come in and out with directly connected to the TV. I normally have things connected through my Yamaha receiver. When I connect my comcast box to the receiver It affects all HDMI ports. For instance if I have my Xbox One turned on and my reciever set to the port for the Xbox if I plug the HDMI into the Comcast box the display on the goes blank. If I unplug the Comcast box the Xbox is displayed again.

I had a tech come out and check out the lines. Said signal was fine.(my modem has always worked) The only way we could complete the setup was to connect a coax cable to tv. No issues with display. Once we got the box initated we unplugged the coax and went back to the HDMI. Still experience issues.

The tech though maybe it was a grounding issue with the TV. We plugged the TV into another outlet with the same issue. I have a a passthrough HDMI from my family room into my master bedroom and we connected the comcast box to the TV in the bedroom and had no issues.

Back to the Family room. The tech had a theory. He reconnected the coax to the TV and once he did the HDMI issues disappeared.

Did the coax connect resolve a ground issue? If so is the ground issue in the TV itself? In the electrical? (My house is a new construction only a year old so everything is up to code) Could it still be a comcast ground issue? The tech did check the outside ground and said it was good.

Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.

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