Intermittent outages - Don't know how to escalate - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Intermittent outages - Don't know how to escalate", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. City: Costa Mesa, CA. Building type: House.

I've had intermittent internet outages for the past few weeks, and I don't know how to escalate to the right person to help.

- Cable modem loses link throughout the day. Each time, the internet goes out for 1-2 minutes.

- On a bad day, it will reset dozens of times - as confirmed by logs, and the CS rep. For the past weeks, I'll notice it go out four to five times throughout the day while I'm working.

- Affects both wired, and wireless devices.

- Cable modem status page shows T3 and T4 timeouts in logs, and high uncorrectables evenly distributed across all channels.

- Typically worse in the morning (7am to 9am), and sometimes in the evening.

- Technicians have been out twice in the past two weeks, and twice when I had the same symptoms a few months ago.

- When I'm not having problems, the service is great: 450 mbps down/ 20 mbps up.

Technicians have:

- Replaced cable modem (old was an Arris, current is a Technicilor eMTA)

- Replaced router

- Re-terminated coax at the street

- Verified all connections are tight from street to the house.

- Coax from the street, to the house, to the cable modem was all installed new by Spectrum when I moved in earlier this year.

- Whenever the technicians are over, the problem isn't active, which makes it hard to troublehsoot. They say the signal levels look great, and there is no noise on the line.

I feel like the techs don't believe that there is a problem with my connection, and they try to blame the router or computer (even thought we've tried multiple routers, and logs from the modem confirm issues).

I have another tech coming out tomorrow. Assuming the lines come back clean again, how can I ask them to escalate the issue? The last tech said I should try to escalate to the "maintenance crew", but the CS rep didn't know what that was.


I started collecting stats from the Cable Modem to find patterns. Signal levels become eratic and errors jump during an outage. Unfortunately, the latest modem Spectrum gave me doesn't have the stats page enabled, so this is week old data.

Intermittent outages - Don't know how to escalate?