Intermittent service outages - DirecTV DVR

For Intermittent service outages, relating to DirecTV DVRs and receivers. Good day. I live in Northern Illinois and have
been experiencing service outages a lot more
than usual.

For example, today I am receiving channels like
TBS, Bravo, WE, and AMC just fine but all local
channels and all sports channels are out and showing "looking for satellite" message.

This is happening much more often than usual.
My signal is measuring 100 on transponder 18
when I am fortunate enough to get a signal,
and drops to zero when the channel is interrupted.
This happens when I switch to any transponder.
#18 just happens to be the strongest at 100 most
of the time. Currently, though, I notice that ALL
the EVEN numbered transponders are registering
at zero. ???

These outages are intermittent, although frequent,
and sometimes it lasts for hours. It is NOT related to weather as far as I can tell because it happens on sunny days as well as overcast and can happen
during any tome of the year. Resetting does no

What is going on? It's not the cabling or connections
because I get some channels beautifully and not
others. Could it be a faulty receiver? I have DirecTv
receiver D10. Could the satellite dish lose its ability
to pick up certain satellite signals over time? Mine
is 12 years old. Is there a larger dish available or a higher gain LNB I can use? Please help.