Intermittent Signal Loss - DVR & Receivers in and out at different times - DirecTV

Intermittent Signal Loss - DVR & Receivers in and out at different times - DirecTV

Currently two H25's (one /500 other /700) alternate between working fine and error 771.

The DVR has been in and out the last two days. Last night with error 775 and today on setup screen it says "cannot detect SWM" but then it decided on its own to download the Advanced Program Guide. Strange that this works but it can't display the TV channel to which it's set. I'm unable to see what the error code is because this trash DVR that DirecTV sent (as a replacement for the last one that failed) won't let me EXIT its Advanced Program Guide screen and return to what should be regular viewing (whereupon the error page would display).

I've unplugged the Power Inserter then waited 20 seconds then plugged it back in and nothing has changed. I've tried this a few times. Connections are all tight and nothing has changed inside the house that would have compromised the cables or connections.

I'm willing to guess that the Dish got knocked slightly and needs to be re-positioned. But before I go on the roof I'd like to verify one thing in particular: Does the error message "cannot detect SWM" indicate that there is a problem with the Power Inserter itself, or could this error message appear even when the SWM is fine but just not receiving a signal? If it's the latter, would somebody please find the clown responsible for the misleading error message and slap him on his head? While you're at it, find all the clowns that have not and very likely will not correct this type of nonsense and slap them on their heads, too. Thank you.

By the way, AT&T should be ashamed of itself for how ridiculously bad DirecTV has become since they bought it. Even when everything is working "properly" the trash receiver they sent me is maddeningly bad. You try to change channels and wait a full three seconds (sometimes up to TEN) before the new channel appears. Press a button on the remote (like "2" for channel 2 or GUIDE or LIST) and it takes a full three seconds before the banner with the channel number, or the guide or list, appear. This really sucks if you want channel 206, because you hit 206 and three seconds later it turns out only the 2 was received and processed, so you wind up on channel 2, which you never wanted. Absolute, unforgivable garbage. But if you want the NFL ticket, you have to suffer through this garbage. You can call customer service to demand that they make it right, and what do you get? Somebody in the Phillipines who only understands English well enough to read the service script and is otherwise unable to answer or even understand any questions. Memo to AT&T: I do NOT need somebody telling me "Oh, I see you've been a customer since 2012 and we really appreciate your service" and then launching into a script that makes my 5 second request ultimately take 5 minutes.

By the way: the satellite signal has apparently been lost again and the attempt at downloading advanced program guide data is now stuck at 98% complete.

Please, please, somebody forward this to the Vice President of "I got my bonus this year but have zero concern about the multitude of equipment failures and service aggravations that exist on my watch" and ask him to contact the subscribers who pay so much money for your garbage and explain why they can't provide reliable equipment that works properly, and provides meaningful, specific error data on what should be rare occasions when it doesn't.

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