Intermittent sound disruptions with 4K Genie - DirecTV

I recently upgraded my receivers in order to watch DirecTVs 4K service. Since the upgrade I have consistent sound disruptions across all channels that last for 1-2 seconds using the 4K Genie. I've switched over HDMI ports, swapped cables, bought another 4K television with none of these solving the problem. Bottom Line is that the problem is the 4K C61K Genie. It is my understanding that there is currently no fix for this and that DirecTV is aware of the problem. So I have three choices now: 1. I live with the problem until a fix is found. 2. I switch back to my old receiver that can't receive 4K. Or 3. I switch everything back to Suddenlink Cable. Please advise on which one of these is the best choice. Any other ideas would definitely be appreciated.

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