Internet connectivity low or completely out almost every day/Horrible service!!!! - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Internet connectivity low or completely out almost every day/Horrible service!!!!", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I can't wait to get rid of Spectrum!! I've had this issue for months; I'm paying $84.99 each month for 400Mbps, have the Spectrum router and modem specifically designed for this speed, and still have issues with the internet either lagging or completely going out almost every day. It seems to happen around the same time each day and occurs on all of my devices. I reset the equipment, usually multiple times, to get it working again but sometimes it takes an hour or more. Customer service has been no help; they told me I might have too many devices attached. I don't. Spectrum tech came out 1.5 weeks ago and told me that my outside cables were "wired wrong by whoever came out last time" so he re-wired it. No, that didn't fix it. When I call, I just get the same runaround by people who are following a written protocol and don't really know what they are doing. None of them ever fix the issue as it keeps recurring. I ask them to replace the equipment and they tell me that they have to try other things first. Eventually the internet connects again and they think they fixed it, not listening when I tell them it happens all the time. I don't have time to call them everyday. I'm beyond fed up. AT&T Fiber and Grande have both put lines in my neighborhood and I cannot wait to get rid of Spectrum as soon as one of them is available! They will lose my internet and cable TV accounts. I have been a TWC/Spectrum customer for 27 years. The service has been horrible ever since Spectrum took over.

Internet connectivity low or completely out almost every day/Horrible service!!!!?