Internet Connectivity with HR54/500 - DirecTV

I’m having a problem keeping my HR54/500 connected to the internet. My configuration is as follows:

HR54/500 (firmware: 0xcaa)
C61k-700 (firmware: 0x8b6)
HR24/500 (firmware: 0xad2)
HR24/500 (firmware: 0xad2)

DVRs are connected thru a SWM16 Multiswitch with the Genie and the C61k on one splitter and the two HR24s on another splitter. The Genie has a hard wired Ethernet connection to a switch that connects to my router. Most devices on the network have reserved IP addresses on the router (including all the DTV receivers).
Until recently, everything has worked fine, but lately the Genie periodically reports an Ethernet loop and I lose connection to the internet. When this happens, the info screen shows the following:

Wireless: Not Configured
Ethernet: Disabled (Loop Detected)
MOCA Network: Coax Connected
Internet: Not Connected (1)
QoS: Disabled

There is only one internet connection on the DTV side, via the Ethernet connection on the Genie. If I reset the network, everything is fine again for 24-48 hours, but eventually I get the “Loop Detected” error again and lose the internet connection. Since I use the SimpleControl app for my home automation, once I lose internet access the App is no longer able to control the DVRs via IP.

I’ve seen a similar problem in other threads (, and some have indicated that this is a software problem with the HR54. Others have indicated that there is no systemic software problem and that individual problems should be posted separately with the troubleshooting that I’ve tried so far, hence this post.

So far, I’ve tried the following:

  1. Two consecutive RBRs
  2. CLEARMYBOX command; reset wired internet connection
  3. Turn off all DVRs, power inserter, switch and router; Turn on router, switch, power inserter, Genie and then the other DVRs
None of these attempts have resolved the issue.

I haven’t seen the “loop detected” issue in other posts, so I thought I’d see if anyone else has experienced this problem. I’ve got a few more options that I can try (e.g., wireless genie connection, insert Ethernet via a DECA adapter, bypass switch and connect Genie directly to the router, etc.), but I thought I’d check in here and see if I can get some expert advice. Thanks for any help you can provide …

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wireless on hr54 won't stay connected either. had this issue the other day connected it wireless and it still drops. it has to be software


HR54-500 Internet Connect Issues

our HR54-500 continues to have this problem from time to time, probably every other day or so. I've been told by directv Tech Support that there is a known problem with the HR54. Who knows for sure??