Internet Data Caps? Bye Bye Comcast - XFinity

For Internet Data Caps? Bye Bye Comcast, relating to XFinity-Comcast internet question. Don't fall for it folks, just b/c you are well below the 1TB cap today, Comcast knows that will not be the case.
4k digital content will soon be the new standard and your data usage is about to spike in a big way. This data cap is being put in place so that they can charge you more down the road even though "usage habits" may not change at all.

Recall that cellular serivce providerd did the same thing just 5-6 years ago. They implemented a 2GB data cap and told you that 99% of their customers didn't use more than that. After implementing the cap, they launched their 4G networks and everyone's data usage spiked... and the cap was their waiting for them.

Don't fall for it.
I encourage Comcast internet customers to take their business elsehwere. And tell them why you are leaving.
Might not make a difference in the end, but at leat you voiced your displeasure. Hopefully their competion rises to the occasion!